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View Royal is a town where new culture is fully embraced but doesn't erase the distinctive elements of its traditional culture. The community’s significant growth and development throughout the years can be exciting to witness. You'll see a small town with antiquated family houses sharing space with improved and modernized highways and several contemporary developments. 

Due to it being the gateway to the western municipalities from Victoria’s urban core, View Royal has seen many changes throughout the years like the Island Highway Improvement Project, which included new cycle lanes, sidewalks, and turning lanes; and the replacement of the majestic Craigflower Bridge giving better access to the Eastern part of Greater Victoria and to the town’s over 70 scenic municipal parks, trails, and sandy beaches.

Atkins, Burnside, Craigflower, Harbour, Helmcken, Hospital, Thetis, and Wilfert - these alluring neighborhoods of View Royal host plenty of cozy home units surrounded by green spaces and constantly calmed by therapeutic geophony. 


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