More About Metchosin

One of the Western Communities of Greater Victoria, the municipal district of Metchosin is an exhibit of pastoral landscape, abundant farmlands, small forests, rocky headlands, and a secluded coastal community overlooking the Juan de Fuca Strait. 

This part of the country is well-preserved by the imposition of local law to a minimum of one and two-acre lot size. Thus making the area’s rural lifestyle its number one appeal while still giving opportunities for potential development. 

Metchosin is subdivided into 8 neighborhoods, accessible by crisscrossed winding country roads. One of which, William Head Road, leads to some of the beautiful parks the district has to offer - Albert Head Lagoon, Witty’s Lagoon, and Devonian Regional Park - where coastal wildlife is a common sight. Horseback riding clubs, well-kept golf courses, historical museums, and the Pearson College accommodating international students add more to the variety of places and activities to enjoy in the region. 

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Neighbourhoods Inside Metchosin

Albert Head




Olympic View

Pedder Bay

Rocky Point

William Head

A Video tour of Metchosin